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Kitania KaveyAn award-winning screenwriter of live-action feature and short scripts, Kitty is also a reader/coverage provider (and first round judge) for two screenwriting competitions. A former model and professional (union) actress, she has also dabbled in directing and producing film, TV & theater.

It's been a life x2 for Kitania, who was born into challenging circumstances, and died at age 20. Brought back to life following a motorcycle accident that left her mentally and physically disabled, she has adapted to figuring out new ways to overcome obstacles.

She believes that each day is a gift to be grateful for, and the future contains possibilities and opportunities for us all.


Current projects:

  • Short animation - 3D animators needed to finish the film Spirit Dance - already have a composer & voice-over artists.
  • Reverse-adaptation: Working on a novel from the true-life screenplay Unaccompanied Minor.
"The circumstances that surround us do not dictate who we are, or what we can achieve."